Interactive 3D model- 2D plan to 3D Model

As an Architect I always use 2D floor plans to communicate my design with a clients. Most of my clients had hard time to read them . There is a big gap between 2D plans and reality space of our working and living environments. 2D can not tell a 3D story, How do we patch the gap and fix the problem. Now we have the solution with a very little cost. We turn  the 2D plans into a interactive 3D models.

Our latest  computational rendering technology can convert your flat 2D floor plans into an interactive 3D model in less than 24 hrs,It is completely cloud based and runs on any browser and all devices with internet.  It  requires no app, no software download, or any previous knowledge.

How it works

The process

Send your 2D Floor Plans
Model creates automatically

Simply send your floor plans  in PDF, Hand sketch or image file format. The more information you can provide us the better we can render your plans.

The Computer software system will creates your 3D model and our render will review it and complete it in less than 24 hours.

Receive your 3D Model Link

Once complete , you will received interactive 3D model link that can view, share or embed into a website .

24 hrs




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